Thank you for choosing me as your headshot photographer. I look forward to assisting you in reaching your personal or professional goal. Now that we are scheduled to meet, you may be wondering…What’s next? Here are a few tips to help prepare you for your session.

What are contemporary headshots?

Now more than ever, images are shared and viewed in ways never before. First impressions are made swiftly! A contemporary headshot does not only identify you, it gives the viewer a glimpse of your personality, style and/or brand.

What should I wear?

When reviewing your wardrobe, remember that the goal of the headshot is to connect with the viewer on a personal or professional level. Unless it relates directly to your message, I would avoid wardrobe choices that distract the viewer’s attention away from your face.

Choose a casual, business casual and full business/formal look as a starting point for headshots that will be used for commercial/business use.

Choices for personal profiles should include your. most flattering pieces. Items in which you feel the most confident.

Simple, one color shirts without print work well for self-promoting headshots [for actors/actresses, etc.].  

These are only guidelines, Feeling comfortable and confident in your look is the most important thing!

Prepare for your session:

Take full advantage of this investment you have made in yourself. Being prepared makes for a successful session.

  • Make sure your wardrobe is wrinkle free.

  • Makeup and hair should be done before I arrive.

  • Make sure you are well-rested! We want those eyes to shine!

Day of Your Session:

When I arrive, I will take a quick peek around your home to find the area with the best light.  Although I try to avoid it, there are times when I may need to scoot furniture around.

Before we begin shooting, we talk. What is your goal? Are you building a brand for your enterprise? In search of a new career opportunity? Investing in your online personal profile? After we’ve discussed your goals and the uses of your images, we will review your wardrobe choices and decide what we will shoot first.  We typically start with a casual look and progress to a formal look.

During the session, I will gently guide you through a few poses and work with you on expression...assisting you in every step along the way. I want you to feel comfortable and taken care of…to relax and enjoy the session! This will be reflected in your headshot.


The duration of the shoot is 30 minutes.

Post-Shoot Review:

After the shoot, we will review our work, choosing the images that fit your personal or professional objective.


You will be emailed a link to your personal gallery within 2 weeks of your session.