Thank you for allowing me to capture your family’s connection and dynamic. It always makes me happy to know that you and I share the same goal! To preserve these special, fleeting moments that you and your family share.

My imagery is spontaneous and honest. I want to capture your family’s essence, connection and unique dynamic. I avoid stiffly posed, flat images that only show “what you look like”. I want to capture your family connecting with each other, moving with each other, spending time together. Images that will, in the future, make you recall these finite moments in time to pass so quickly.

Now that we are scheduled to meet, you may be wondering…What’s next? Here are a few tips to help prepare you for your session.

What should we wear?

Casual or formal, what you wear should be comfortable and reflect your family's personal style. Outfits that are coordinated within the same color family work better than wardrobe choices that "match". Fitted items flatter better than loose items. Remember, these are suggestions! The key is wearing something you feel represents you and your style.


How should I prepare my home?

Sessions are held in your home if there is sufficient natural light. Your home is an important piece of the session and should reflect your life and activities. Remove any clutter that may be distracting. We may move a few items around to help with the session. Otherwise, your home should remain as is, true to you and your family.

Sessions on Location

Although many of my shoots are done in the home, we can shoot in a location that is special to you outside the home. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Make sure to consider traffic, the time it will take to find parking as well as the time it may take to walk to our meeting point.

Session Times

Home sessions are usually held late morning. The amount of light at this time is usually best and brightens the home well. Location sessions are held late afternoon to catch the magic hour, when the sun begins to lower in the sky producing a wonderful warm glow.

How long does the session take?

The session includes one hour of journalistic style photography. Little ones can tire easily so I move as quickly as I can!


How do I prepare my family?

It's best that everyone, especially any little ones, should be well rested. Remember that lifestyle sessions flow naturally. Although the session does include a “family portrait” if requested, parents should not worry about telling children to sit still, smile or pose. We want the images to capture each person's unique character and the activities you enjoy together. I do not use props (unless requested), but I do encourage comfort items, blankets or toys for little ones. Have snacks, water and wipes ready! Are there games or instruments you enjoy playing together? Make sure these items are out and ready to be included in the story your images will tell.

What happens after the session?

You will receive a link to download your high resolution images from your personal online gallery within 3 weeks after the session. Your album will be designed and delivered within approximately 6 weeks of your session. Additional printed products can be also be purchased if you’d like.